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Posted on March 31st, 2016


Street style. It has become such an obvious part of fashion week and beyond, it doesn’t only matter what happens inside the show venues – what’s happening outside has become more and more relevant nowadays. It’s the “people’s” interpretation of the trends: a personal touch to what we have seen during the shows and in the magazines afterwards. Fashion is a way to express yourself, how you’d interpret the trends and make them your own. I guess it’s called personal style for a reason: only when you’re really YOU in the way you dress yourself, you will be unique. There’s already one of everyone else out there no?!

I really dress depending on my mood on a daily basis (and the weather, or is that the same thing?), I never end up wearing the fully pre-planned look. When it comes to prepping for something like fashion week or a specific event, I always end up going to the same websites and brands to scout potential outfits. THE OUTNET.COM is a trusted partner in this, as you guys might know by now. I love it for not only their friendlier price tag (yay for any kind of discount, right?), but also because of their huge range of 250+ designers, there’s so much choice. From there I try to pick a bunch of statement items, I would usually work my way around those. These pieces will also help me build up a fresh new wardrobe afterwards. I don’t think there’s much use in wearing a piece of clothing just once, I like for it to be worn multiple times – on different occasions.

THE OUTNET has a curated selection of luxury designer goods that’s updated every day and categorized by designer and trends. So even if you wouldn’t be aware of what’s hot right now, they’ll make it easy for you to see just that. In this outfit I combined some of my fave pieces and trends for this season. Loose fitted patchwork jeans by MM6 Maison Margiela, for all the obvious reasons. Such a statement piece, you would basically be able to dress it up or down as you wish and would look amaze either way. And the top, a romantically printed asymmetric Suno blouse, works really well for the bold print on print trend we’ve seen so much. Another key piece is the Agnona cashmere coat. Now Spring is just around the corner we can finally shed those winter coats and opt for more summery coats instead! The oversized drawstring shirt from THE OUTNET’S own Iris & Ink can be worn as a dress and shirt, which makes it a very useful transition piece into Summer. And last but certainly not least: the bag. Can we please stop and take a moment to state how awesome this fun Olympia Le-Tan box clutch is? Most certainly THE piece to elevate whatever you’re wearing. The look is mixing bold prints and graphic lines with denim as the key player. I’m loving it, how about you?

Clothing all courtesy of THE OUTNET: MM6 Maison Margiela jeans, Suno silk topAgnona cashmere coat

This article was created in collaboration with THE OUTNET and Who What Wear.

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  • Neeltje | Thoughts in Style

    I love your outfit! X

  • Aliki F

    Perfect Spring outfit! Outlet is my number 1 destination whenever I need to play serious with my wardrobe update!

  • Leesa

    Great look! Really unique!

  • mediamarmalade

    gorgeous pics, love the sun beams :)

    Mel x


    Love how you mixed and matched all those beautiful pieces together! Also, that Olympia Le-Tan clutch is beyond gorgeous! <3

    Elif x ⎜

  • QueenLina