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Posted on March 15th, 2016

ysl bagysl bagysl bagysl bagysl bagBy Malene Birger dress / Diesel jeans / YSL bag via Farfetch / Vintage sunglasses

Love at first sight. It doesn’t happen to everyone, and certainly not with everything. But sometimes, every once in a while, you fall in love. Last time it happened to me accessory wise was a while ago: when Ralph gave me the Alexander Wang Rocco bag. It was topping my wishlist for many years, but I could never afford it, and then, out of nowhere, it was mine. I never owned a designer bag before I got that one, and I guess everyone around me can confirm I was obsessed: I brought little Rocco with me EVERY day for at least a year straight. The obsession some girls have with shoes, I have with bags. I keep on adding to my little collection and I’m loving it! I feel like I will enjoy bags more for a longer period of time, shoes are worn out after a year or so (depending on how often I’d wear them obviously). And now, more about my newest crush (we’re getting somewhere, I promise)… I never owned a YSL bag before, it’s such a classic piece – although I haven’t seen it before. It’s a statement bag, without “being” everywhere already. And I love that! I feel like people are sporting Chloe or Chanel bags (nothing wrong with that, I wish I owned one!) like you can get them at the grocery store around the corner. Those pieces are expensive! And although they are, I do also feel like some models are not very unique at the same time. Nor do they have to be, but it adds a little something something when not everyone around you and their neighbors are wearing the same thing if you get what I mean. Anyway, again, not trying to offend anyone because the next bag on my wishlist (one day, hopefully) is a classic Chanel flap bag. Obviously I know that’s not the most original but I guess you just want to have certain models if the opportunity is ever given to you. And I’m already super lucky to even being able to think about stuff like this because I know for one it’s not for everyone or even the majority of the people, and two it’s a luxury problem in every single no matter how you put it. But now I have this beauty, I plan on enjoying it a lot – because, why not. I found it on Farfetch a few weeks back, and it arrived “home” within just a couple of days. Pretty amazing to being able to shop in boutiques all around the world without even setting one foot in the physical store itself. Oh, so international!

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  • Raluca Andreea

    Stunning outfit! I absolutely love the YSL bag is such a statement piece!

  • Aliki F

    Love this post and the bag! My thoughts exactly on luxury items, but I agree with you: we’re hard working women living in a time and place that justifies feeling good about getting ourselves a beautiful bag! The YSL is stunning, enjoy it!!

  • Leesa

    Great look! And I can totally understand your obsession with bags! I have it too!

  • Malena

    Such a unique piece! And totally agree about opting for a lesser ‘known’ model. While I personally love the Chloe Drew and Chanel boy everyone seems to own these days, for the money they cost, I’d personally prefer to have a bag that’s a little more unique in a way that not everyone else already walks around with it. :)

    X Malena