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outnet, vintage denim jacket

Hi there! I’m Rebecca Laurey, the girl behind the blog. The twenty-something voice of this personal style diary called Raspberry & Rouge, where I capture my experiences in fashion, lifestyle and travelling. For me this is an outlet through which I can share daily tips and inspirations, also blogging for VOGUE NL on a weekly basis – as a part of their blog network. I have worked in fashion and marketing in the past, taking all those experiences with me

Reaching out to all style savvy girls and boys out there, I started this blog in 2011 to inspire and be inspired by like-minded people. And as it developed from primarily a hobby into a profession, Raspberry & Rouge covers anything from fashion to my wanderlust. Taking you all over the globe, trying to share most of what crosses my path. I had the honor of being featured on multiple blogs and websites like VOGUE, W magazine and The New York Times – as well as print magazines (VOGUE e.g.) and tv (Fashion Bloggers TV e.g.).

Iโ€™m a freelance stylist, writer, and consultant and definitely open to sponsorships or collaborations of any kind, as long as they are of interest to both myself and my readers. This could vary on a case to case basis, from dedicated editorials to text links. I firmly believe in creating personalized storylines, making each project unique and powerful. Please contact me for more info on how we might collaborate!

All photos on my website are made by me or my photographer (unless stated otherwise), protected by copyright. Using them is no problem as long as they are for non-commercial purposes, and you properly link back to http://raspberry-rouge.com. For commercial purposes it’s forbidden to use them without prior consent.