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Posted on March 24th, 2015

chloe carlina sunglasses chloe carlina sunglasses chloe carlina sunglasses chloe carlina sunglasses chloe carlina sunglasses chloe carlina sunglasses chloe carlina sunglasses chloe carlina sunglasses chloe carlina sunglasses Wearing: River Island sleeveless coat (similar here), H&M Trend shirt dress (in stores soon, similar here), River Island jeans, Topshop boots, Chloe Carlina sunglasses (try here or here), Larsson & Jennings watch, Made jewelry, Pink stitch bralet.


Dream sunglasses alert!! Seriously, how freaking amazing are these Chloe Carlina sunglasses? I know they’ve been around for a little while now, but when I saw the resort campaign shot by Inez & Vinoodh I was totally sold. Out of this world cool if you’d ask me! Obviously they were sold out EVERYWHERE when I finally decided to get them. Well, almost everywhere, mostly online, cause I did manage to find them here in Amsterdam in the smallest eyewear shop. I didn’t expect to bump into them anymore, I practically gave up on ever finding my Carlina’s. But I did, over the moon, as you might read from my enthusiasm. The perfect accessory for my upcoming US trip, don’t you think? I still have to wait another few weeks before leaving, but I’m already thinking of what I should pack. 4 different cities with 4 different climates, it might be a challenge packing but I’m sure I can make it work! Anyway, the weather was so nice yesterday I just had to get out and leave my laptop behind for just a little bit. We took our bikes and left for the Jordaan, my fave area in the city and just a few minutes from where I live. One of the things I love about being my own boss: being able to do whatever, whenever. We did shoot this look though, so it might count as “work” anyway – or doesn’t it? If I have to believe the forecast, which I’d rather not, we’re looking at 2 weeks of rain ahead of us. So I’m quite happy I took advantage of those few sunny hours, because:

“A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.”

Yes, Steve Martin, you’re so right. It might sound simplistic, but I don’t see the use in grey or rainy days – because to me they are like nights, I’d rather spend them in bed. My boyfriend always tells me that it wouldn’t be fun to have great weather all day, every day, because we’d appreciate it less. And although I agree upon the latter, I do think it’s a lame excuse for someone who lives in Northern Europe, sorry baby! We can’t change anything about that, but we can complain about it. And so we do! Sorry guys!

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  • Patricia

    Guau, you are fantastic!! Love so much this Chloe sunglasses! i’m waiting for my pair! ;))


    • Raspberry & Rouge

      Ah you’re getting them too! Amazing!!

  • Simona Huidiu

    Such a perfect post, love all the pictures <3 Your coat is awesome!

    • Raspberry & Rouge

      Thanks lovely!

  • claudia

    Gorgeous! Love that sleeveless trench!

    • Raspberry & Rouge

      Thanks Claudia, glad you do :)

  • Charissa

    The sunglasses are perf! Echt een super leuke fotoshoot :) X

    • Raspberry & Rouge

      YAY! Thanks dear!

  • Kiara King

    I am now completely convinced that I need a sleeveless longline trench, right now if possible.

    • Raspberry & Rouge

      YES! Got get one!!

  • The Style Exposé by Katarina

    Hello Rebecca!
    I have stumbled upon your blog recently and fell in love immediately. I simply adore that ‘Dutchness’ in you! I’m a huge adorer of Dutch lifestyle, architecture, mentality. And stroopwafels. I mean, stroopwafels are heaven! When I travel to Amsterdam (or optionally to Arnhem) my diet consists of stroopwafels only. I think I might be obsessed :)

    As for the editorial, it seems so sleek and effortless at the same time. How long does it take to choose the right outfit? I like that atmosphere of “Oh hello jeans, I just met you, let’s put you on!’ :)

    Thank you for bringing inspiration to our lives!

    Katarina Bradacova

    • Raspberry & Rouge

      Dear Katarina, thanks so much for you oh-so-sweet message. Really appreciate it, made my day!! xx

  • Jules

    Zo mooi! Die bril staat je echt heel goed.

    Jules x

    • Raspberry & Rouge

      Thanks Jules!

  • Styleclouds

    I love this look! And even though the sunnies are not my piece of cake – they look fabulous on you! xo, Christina

    • Raspberry & Rouge

      No they’re quite out there, totally get not everyone liking them! But that’s for the better no?

      • Styleclouds

        Absolutely! :-)

  • Nico

    That sleeveless coat is amazing! Cool look!

    A beauty moment on
    lb-lc fashion blog| bloglovin’

    • Raspberry & Rouge

      Thanks Nico!

  • Ari Camacho

    Yes!! Those shades are perfect!

    • Raspberry & Rouge

      Yay, thanks Ari!

  • Susanne – Bag at You

    You look awesome and you are totally right: these sunnies are great! But not only for the US I think… You can also wear them here (with us) in Amsterdam:)! Xx Susanne –

    • Raspberry & Rouge

      True :) xx

  • Monika

    Haha yeah whether you’re used to grey days or not most people are still going to complain about the lack of sunshine. I’m glad you found the sunnies!


    • Raspberry & Rouge

      I know, it’s crazy right?

  • Edina

    Wow, amazing!

    Printed or Plain

  • Stephanie

    Awesome! I really really love all of your photos. <3

    • Raspberry & Rouge

      Thanks Stephanie!

  • Joana Coelho

    oh so beautiful!! sleek and right on point!! ohmagod those sunnies… I fell in love the first moment I saw them like ages ago!!

  • Aela Abalos

    That River Island coat is divine! Stunning look luv!!!

    xoxo Aela