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Posted on March 3rd, 2014

acne maxi dressacne dressnike shoesacne dressacne dressacne dresswest 14th jacketWearing: Acne dress, West 14th jacket, Delvaux bagNike Air Max Thea.

My first day in Paris was a hectic one. When I got out of the train it was pouring rain – totally messing up my outfit plans for the day. But then, when I got to the hotel, the weather made a 180 switch and the sun came out. Beautiful to see that light hitting the rooftops and tiny Parisian balconies. The city has something magical, no matter what the weather. My first show was at night, so I had the afternoon to get into the fashion week mood and shoot some street style. In order to be comfortable, yet stylish, to run around to get the right snaps, heels are not the best option. And with my strictly flats regime (didn’t work out for 100% though), I opted for the most convenient ones for the occasion. The first part of my The Outnet collaboration in Paris is all about this subject. The contrasts: maxi dresses, switching from heels to sneakers in-between shows. Because be honest, if you don’t have a car driving you around all day and you walk from one venue to the other, who’s actually really sporting heels the whole time? And not secretly hiding those flats in their bags? It just doesn’t make sense to me, I’d rather spare my feet. So non-fashion of me, I know, yet very trending at the moment. Sneakers and loafers are A-OK, and I’m making the best out of that momentum.

Ph. by Zanita, editing by me

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