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Posted on November 1st, 2012

beanie-h&m sweater-knit-zara-skinny jeans

beanie-h&m sweater-knit-zara-skinny jeans beanie-h&m sweater-knit-zara-skinny jeans beanie-h&m sweater-knit-zara-skinny jeans

Sweater: H&M Trend (cool alternative here) // Pants: ZARA (get similar here or here) // Heels: ZARA (find similar here and here) // Beanie: Topshop (men’s department, I would love to have this one) // Bag: Alexander Wang // Bracelet: H&M

In the past few weeks I have been stocking up on my winter essentials. Including a few much needed – of course, as always – sweaters, easy to layer up when the temperatures drop. And with the sun present, I can still go out without a proper jacket, just like I did a few days ago when cruising the city with my boy. The number above is the latest I purchased! Bringing it with me to London as the perfect throw over-and-under anything piece. Speaking of the lovely city, I’m at the airport right now, writing to you, just before my flight leaves. Combining business with pleasure these days… I will try to update as frequently as possible, primarily on Instagram, so catch me there (you can find me under raspberryandrouge)!

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Leave your comment

  • Natali

    Fabulous sweater and bag :)

  • Eva

    Prachtige outfit! Die trui staat je super! xx

  • B.

    Ik moet je dringend eens toevoegen op Instagram, vergeet het steeds :)
    Hele mooie outfit

  • Maria

    Love the bag! Nice outfit:)

  • Dip It Black

    What a gorgeous outfit!
    That jumper is just stunning!


  • Styleclouds

    Fantastic look Rebecca! The sweater is amazing and I am in love with your bag! Have fun in London! xo, Christina

  • WNY

    Nice outfit, love your sweater! Xo

  • Nana Sánchez-Dopico

    I love your blog and your style!


    Dat is echt een super mooie trui!


  • Rielle

    Mooie look! prachtige pumps


  • Mili

    beautiful sweater!
    xx mili

  • Jennifer

    Super cute sweater!

    xo Jennifer

  • Vani

    Love the jumper. Great choice!
    Trend Anatomy

  • Laura

    I loooove your sweater babe


  • Cherise

    Hele mooie trui en je schoenen zijn ook super!

  • Estelle La Mode

    That sweater, beanie and bag are fab! Love the look.


  • Giouli
  • Kara @ Bostonista

    I want this entire outfit! Why don’t I have any money?! I need to completely revamp my closet for winter this year and I don’t know how I’m going to manage it! Have a wonderful time on vacation! I’ll definitely check out your Instagram for pictures!


  • Mode Junkie

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your rocco with the silver studss babe!
    and the outfit too! <3


  • sophie

    Wat een gave trui zeg! En je tas ook, wauw!


  • Kathrin

    Love your winter essentials! I’m still on the hunt for the perfect beanie! This one looks so good on you with your gorgeous blond hair <3

  • Giovanna

    Such a cute look! Loving that sweater! The color is great and it looks so comfy!


  • Mancina

    great simple and chic outfit. love it!