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Posted on September 23rd, 2012

asos biker jacket-denim skirt-alexander wang rocco bag

asos biker jacket-denim skirt-alexander wang rocco bag

asos biker jacket-denim skirt-alexander wang rocco bag

Jacket: ASOS (get similar here) // Shirt: Maison Scotch (get similar here) // Skirt: ZARA (get similar here) // Boots: Sacha (get similar here) // Bag: Alexander Wang (get it here) // Sunglasses: Ydeltuyt

This week was probably the last week I could wear skirts and shorts bare legged here in Amsterdam. Although I definitely hope we’ll get a few warm days by the end of the month, just like last year! So we can wear those fabulous items without tights just a few more times. When I was at ZARA the other week, my eye caught this cute denim skirt. One of those items I once decided I would never wear again. Well, Rebecca, thing again. Another example that proves never to say never.

Today I’m headed to the shops, to exchange the gift cards I got for my birthday… The last string of celebrating my 25th this year. But great things ahead: off to London in a few days! Lovely sunday!

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