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Posted on March 31st, 2014

hm trenchblessed are the meek dressblessed are the meek dresshm trenchalexander wang bootsblessed are the meek dresshm trenchWearing: Blesse’d are the Meek dress, H&M trenchcoat, Alexander Wang boots.

I’m not the type that usually wears dresses. But every once in a while I make the jump outside my comfort zone and get one on my body. One big must when it comes to this though is comfort. Either loose fitted and flowy, or tight but stretchy. Otherwise it’s just not worth it. And we girls have options luckily, imagine being a dude with practically pants as the only realistic choice when dressing yourself. For me it’s all about balance. When I wear something super feminime, like a dress, I prefer to tone it down with sneakers or boots. And when I choose something more boyish, I like to add a sexy touch with a peek-a-boo bra or heels. Because frankly, we only look amazing when we feel happy and comfortable in what we wear (and everyone has a different definition of that).

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