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Posted on September 16th, 2013

reiss skirt
reiss heelsvenicereiss skirtreiss bagWearing: H&M top, REISS skirt, belt, bracelet, bag and shoes.

Oh Venice… You were amazing! It was so short, but so good. And while I am in Mykonos at the moment – more about that soon – I’m cherishing the moments I had on trips before this one as well. Because if you’re lucky to travel as much as I do, you really have to be aware of the fact that you are really blessed to see and do so much.

Packing for Venice was in fact fairly easy. We only had one suitcase and a couple of outfits we really wanted to shoot. For me Italy stands for femininity on a higher level. Coincidentally matching the gondola boys (what are their official names? I don’t want to sound condescending), I wore a flowy skater skirt in a longer length (loving those these days) and strappy heels. Perfect for a dinner party or cocktails, maybe not so much on cobble stone streets in a busy Italian city. But who’s complaining? I’m quite happy that we’re going back to longer silhouettes and more feminime cuts in the new collections, and some designers are nailing it when it comes to combining the two.

Ph. by Zanita, editing by me

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