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Posted on November 21st, 2012


Photography by Christine

Sweater: H&M Trend (similar one here) // Jeans: ZARA (similar ones here) // Boots: ZARA // Bag: Alexander Wang // Necklace: H&M // Bracelet: COOEE

If you would bump into me anywhere these days, there’s quite a big chance I’m wearing skinny jeans and a sweater. I’ll probably be carrying my Wang around too. This burgundy number is one of the things I brought home from London. I’m so much into fluffy sweaters at the moment, I would love to have them in any colour available. But since that would be kind of ridiculous (not really though), I’m sticking to the ones I own for now. And since warmer temperatures are ahead for me, when I fly away from winter in Amsterdam – straight into what I would still define as summer temperatures in the States in a few days, I think I’m good. Although I love the contradictory-but-not combo of a chunky knit and shorts with bare legs, so I might bring a few overseas.

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  • Esmay

    Die trui ziet er heerlijk uit 😀

  • Natali

    Beautiful sweater and bag!

  • camille

    you look lovely!

  • Romina Mi Infinita Wishlist
  • Eva

    Mooi basis outfit, heerlijke trui lijkt me dat! xx

  • FashionCloud

    So happy you found these boots, they look amazing on you.

    This is one perfect little outfit



  • Styleclouds

    Fantastic look! I love the boots! They are perfect! xo, Christina

  • Nena
  • Melting pot au féminin

    So pretty and lovely! The look, the bag, the burgundy sweater, the photo :)
    Xo, Melting pot au féminin (french beauty blog)

  • Louise

    You are my fashion nirvana..

  • Isabel

    Lovely colour combination (my favourite at the moment!) and the necklace just pulls it all together! x

  • Mancina

    adore burgundy with black, therfore this is to me such amazing comfy look.

  • jemappelleshen

    Love the color of your sweater plus it looks super cozy :)

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  • Rielle
  • Ellen

    leuke outfit zeg!

  • Jennifer

    Love the sweater!

    xo Jennifer

  • Jules

    Super outfit!

    XO Jules


    Ik zal het maar niet meer hebben over die Zara schoenen (te mooi)
    Maar wat een mooie trui! Staat je erg goed die kleur!


  • Christy

    Beautiful photos, and the sweater is amazing !!!

  • ewa

    love this look. so stylish!

  • Secondskin

    Nice pics and great outfit! xoxo

  • Ola

    Love your fluffy sweater !
    Great outfit !

  • Magna

    Echt een prachtige outfit!!


  • nathalie


    Ik heb net je blog ontdekt via lookbook! Echt een heel fijne outfit & je blog is ook super! Ik ben je beginnen volgen met bloglovin :)

  • Petite Adventures

    Love your burgundy sweater – the colour is amazing and you look so cozy!

    Kate xo

  • Agyness Stone

    Loving the great color of that sweater with the necklace! x


  • Alice

    Love the burgundy sweater with the necklace!! looks like I’m stopping by H&M tonight! Do you know if the H&M sweater sheds a lot? The fabric seems like ti is that very soft mohair I have seen in the mint colour, so I’m wondering if your sweater is the same! Thanks for this post – love everything about the look! Perfect for winter.

    • Raspberry & Rouge

      Hi Alice, thanks for your sweet words! The quality is fine, pilling a bit though. I think it’s a really cosy sweater! So definitely do for it! Xx

  • Sara Inga Catrin

    This outfit is so cute and chic! x S.