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Posted on June 8th, 2011

DENIM VEST DIYDenim vest: H&M/Tee: Maison Scotch/Skirt: ASOS/Wedges: H&M/Sunglasses: ASOS/Bangle: ASOS

I’ve had my old denim jacket forever. Worn it over and over again back in high school. Also, my friends have borrowed and worn it many times back in the days. A jacket with some history and many great memories. So what do you do? I haven’t worn it for ages, but I didn’t want to throw it away. I decided to customize it, so it fits the modern day! I took the first step by cutting the sleeves off. My next task is finding great pieces to accessorize, any suggestions? Combined with my new sheer skirt and wedges, it gives the outfit some edge. Guess you can do the same with almost any (old) jacket. I’m on the hunt for a leather biker vest. What do you think?

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PS. Just a few more days to enter my Maison Scotch GIVE-AWAYย here!

PS2. Did some customizing on my blog as well, not finished yet either, hope you like it!


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  • http://lauralexo.blogspot.com Laura

    I love your skirt dear!


    • http://raspberry-rouge.com Raspberry & Rouge

      Thanks Laura!!

  • http://www.thelittlesweetheart.com Barbara

    The skirt is perfect!! I love it! The whole outfit is great, I love that cool look on you ๐Ÿ˜€

    • http://raspberry-rouge.com Raspberry & Rouge

      Thanks Barbara!! Bit tougher hah?! XO

  • http://www.gingerdolldreams.blogspot.com/ Sarah

    great images hun! I agree with Laura, loving the skirt.
    Also good choice on the ASOS bangle! I have been looking at it on the site for some time (i love black & white) and know seeing it in fashion action, I am defo gona buy it!

    would I be able to add a link to your blog in my ‘ASOS diary’ post when I feature the bangle?

    good post :)

    • http://www.gingerdolldreams.blogspot.com/ Sarah

      by blog i mean your blog with this post? because I think this post is awesome and I would like to give you credit for swaying my mind :)

      • http://raspberry-rouge.com Raspberry & Rouge

        Sure, no probs! Just link back :)

    • http://raspberry-rouge.com Raspberry & Rouge

      Hey Sarah! Of course you can, would love that! Just make sure you link back to my site! Good luck, thanks! XO

  • http://pandorasboxblog.com Sarah

    Girl I love this look! Looks like you found the perfect jean jacket ๐Ÿ˜€

    • http://raspberry-rouge.com Raspberry & Rouge

      Thanks Sarah, just need some more customizing to make it more personal! XO

  • http://www.fashboulevard.blogspot.com Anna

    adore this. amazing. thanks for another amazing post love. would love if you stop by to see pics of my latest celebrity trend report and my new favorite wedges. xoxo


    Don’t forget to follow on twitter for all the latest celebrity fashion news from an LA stylist.


    • http://raspberry-rouge.com Raspberry & Rouge

      Will do ASAP! Thanks Anna!

  • http://www.thebostonista.com Bostonista

    I love this whole outfit! You did a great job with the vest- If you hadn’t told us I wouldn’t have known it was a bit of a “DIY” project! But it looks especially great with the skirt- the mix of the tough with the girlie! Perfect!

    • http://raspberry-rouge.com Raspberry & Rouge

      Haha, great! Going to make it more personal for a bit, will show you soon soon soon! XO

  • http://www.nyanzi.com the nyanzi report

    what a wonderful style you’ve got. i love the first picture.

    • http://raspberry-rouge.com Raspberry & Rouge

      Thanks sweets!!

  • Angela Donava

    Elle est trop jolie, ta jupe! J’aime beaucoup de t-shirt aussi;)
    Angela Donava

    • http://raspberry-rouge.com Raspberry & Rouge

      Merci Angela!!

  • http://kittehscupcakes.blogspot.com Larissa-Kittehs Cupcakes

    staat je heel leuk! ik wil ook nog steeds zo’n denim jasje zonder mouwtjes!

    • http://raspberry-rouge.com Raspberry & Rouge

      Dank je! Ben ook weer fan :) Nu nog customizen!

  • http://www.iloveaffreux.blogspot.com Manon

    Echt zeer mooi!
    Ik vind het rokje zo leuk!


    • http://raspberry-rouge.com Raspberry & Rouge

      Dank je Manon! XO

  • http://www.hivenn.com jazzy elizabeth

    Your legs are amazing. x hivenn

    • http://raspberry-rouge.com Raspberry & Rouge

      Thanks, that’s such a sweet compliment! XO

  • http://dressyceleb.blogspot.com/ Dressy Celeb

    I love the skirt! You are so graceful! :)

    โ™ฅ Dressy Celeb โ™ฅ

    • http://raspberry-rouge.com Raspberry & Rouge

      Wow! That’s so sweet! Thanks!

  • http://www.blogredhead.blogspot.com jamie

    hello! oh youre so cute!! i love this look and i super love your blog too girl!

    • http://raspberry-rouge.com Raspberry & Rouge

      Thanks Jamie! I’m honoured :) XO

  • http://www.thefeatherde.net Michelle of The Feather Den

    I really love your shoes! They’re so simple and chic and work great with the outfit.

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

    • http://raspberry-rouge.com Raspberry & Rouge

      Thanks Michelle!

  • http://co-candy.blogspot.com Veronica

    I love this outfit! Visit me :)
    and add me on facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Maz-Italia/211358518888561

    • http://raspberry-rouge.com Raspberry & Rouge

      Thanks Veronica! Will do! XO

  • http://fashionispassion-vera.blogspot.com/ Vera

    Great look! Love your jeans jacket & skirt xxx

    • http://raspberry-rouge.com Raspberry & Rouge

      Thank you Vera! Happy weekend!

  • http://givelivelovelife.com brenda

    i love your skirt, it’s so cute!

    Join the vintage give away on my blog if you like :)


    • http://raspberry-rouge.com Raspberry & Rouge

      Thanks! Will do! Happy weekend!!

  • http://purplejellybean.wordpress.com purplejellybean

    So sweet !

    • http://raspberry-rouge.com Raspberry & Rouge


  • http://theminimalistchic.blogspot.com/ victoria

    so amazing! glamorous! i love it!


  • http://theminimalistchic.blogspot.com/ victoria

    loovvvve ur skirt!

    • http://raspberry-rouge.com Raspberry & Rouge

      Thanks Victoria!!

  • http://chouchou-robine.blogspot.com Chouchou

    Ziet er mooi uit! Leuke DIY!


    • http://raspberry-rouge.com Raspberry & Rouge

      Thanks dear, appreciate that! XO

  • http://theonlyfashionprincess.blogspot.com Rachella

    Gorgeous skirt! x

    • http://raspberry-rouge.com Raspberry & Rouge

      Thanks Rachella!

  • http://flashesofstyle.blogspot.com Bonnie

    Loove your skirt dear! So cute <33

    • http://raspberry-rouge.com Raspberry & Rouge

      Thanks Bonnie!

  • http://theshopaholicnextdoor.blogspot.com/ Raffaella

    wow lovely outfit!!! i think it’s a perfect combination!!!
    if you want take a look at my blog…i’d really appreciate it!!! =D xoxo

    • http://raspberry-rouge.com Raspberry & Rouge

      Thanks Raffaela!! XO Rebecca

  • http://chiccastyle.blogspot.com/ Federica

    WOW,love the entire outfit!!!
    So chic!

    • http://raspberry-rouge.com Raspberry & Rouge

      Great, thanks!! XO Rebecca

  • http://www.takeonlymemories.com Vanessa, Take only Memories

    So cute! Love the skirt!

    • http://raspberry-rouge.com Raspberry & Rouge

      Thanks Vanessa!

  • http://charmelstyle.blogspot.com/ Charmel

    very pretty girl… i love you’re outfit;)

    • http://raspberry-rouge.com Raspberry & Rouge

      Thank you!! Really appreciate that!! XO Rebecca

  • Tal

    deze outfit is mijn lievelings. wann kan ik het lenen ๐Ÿ˜‰ ? heel gaaf.

    • http://raspberry-rouge.com Raspberry & Rouge

      Haha :) Als ik mn andere jurkje terug heb ๐Ÿ˜‰ XO

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